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(re)introducing myself

Hi friends! Lots of new followers so I thought I’d chime in with an introduction!

I’m Jan, AKA Mistress Jan Artist. I am a painter, photographer, pilot, and synesthete. This spring I changed careers from full-time flying to full-time artist. Despite the challenges, I’m loving it! 

I actualised a dream when I focused on making erotic art. I love the aesthetics of kink, but more so the deeper meanings and intentions. There is a solid mix of participant and voyeur throughout my most recent body of work. My erotic vignettes resonate with exactly the right crowd! Your encouragement has resulted in a dazzling output of new artwork during the last few years. 

My art is a bit of a paradox. I try to be accurate with proportions, so that there isn’t too much ambiguity about what you’re seeing. When it comes to the colour palette, that’s when things get exciting! My colour choices are formed predominantly by synesthesia rather than observation.

The results of my mixed-sensory experiences spill onto the canvas. You will find a wild variety of colours, textures and shapes. Traditional colour rules get shoved aside in favour of bold, unconventional choices. Instinctively. I create multi-spectral artwork. Most of my pieces change depending on viewing angle and lighting. It’s a way to make art that describes an experience that words will never achieve. 

If you love art and exploring new concepts, follow along and join me on my art journey! Thanks for being here! 🥰

xx Jan

The universe delivers

I watched “Field of Dreams” with my cousins when I was probably eleven. I’ve never been a huge baseball fan, but I enjoyed the film nonetheless. I really grooved with the notion of “If you build it, he will come.” Even if it wasn’t real, the idea was pretty novel to my eleven-year-old self, and stuck with me.

Putting myself out there, in a more tangible way has been revolutionary. Sharing more on social media, showing more behind the scenes, actually making short videos (that get watched, what!) and doing more of all the things that I’ve kept tamped down and out of sight for the last twenty or so years. I’ve somehow manifested “If you paint it, they will COME.” Haha. I can’t resist the naughty art puns. 

The Winnipeg Adult Expo was amazing. My goal was to get there. That’s it. Obviously I prepped artwork to sell, but for me, the end goal was a nice display and managing to get enough artwork ready to feel ready. Well, I was, and I’m so very thrilled at the wonderful response! I ended up printing to replace sold out stock between days one and two, and sold out of some images again on day two. What a wonderful feeling! I LOVED seeing people’s reactions to my work. It was nice to watch people flipping through the bins, and getting a coy smile on their face as they came across something that spoke to them.

Anyway, now that the inaugural market has happened, I feel pretty great. Lucky for me I have a few other opportunities on the near horizon to plan for, which is awesome.  

Speaking of which, I need to get back to prepping for Calgary TABOO show, which is happening this coming weekend! 

xx Jan

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has signed up for the newsletter so far! I’ve got a draft almost ready to go, but show prep comes first… at least you know I’ll have things to talk about when it gets to you! I’ve got some fun things planned for it, so it’s not the same old, boring shitty marketing crap that you delete before you open. :)

Lots to say

I’ll credit the momentum for the inspiration to write again so soon. Blogging isn’t a new concept for me; I’ve been posting my words on the internet since 1995, albeit sporadically. I’ve wanted to get back into it, so here we are. To some extent, I still have to get used to expressing myself openly, because it’s something I’ve been unable to do for the majority of my life.

A lot of my current projects are things that have been percolating in my brain for some time. In some cases, literal years. Until May 2022, I was working in aviation, as a pilot. It’s a career that took me to many fascinating places (like the northernmost airport in the WORLD, Alert, Nunavut!) The upside of working in a non-creative career was the ability to make a good wage, and still have some time to create. (A lot of people love the job for that very reason- there are a disproportionate amount of very talented artists and musicians who also fly airplanes). A pilot’s working day is somewhere between 12 to 14+ hours (regulations dependant), which means you end up with a lot of days off. I was able to work part-time on my art, and had the cash flow to stockpile all kinds of great art supplies. I also got to build some useful life experience and figure out what I was going to leave as my artistic legacy.

When the stars aligned, I lept into the great unknown of working as a full-time artist. There’s never a good time to start, and I don’t think you’re ever really “ready” when a big life change happens. Overall, it’s been enjoyable and not as terrifying as I had envisioned. It’s still early days. I recall starting my photography business in 2008, and wondering if anyone would ever hire me, but by 2011 I was so busy I turned down more work than I took on. I’m in the same starting place with my art business, albeit with more confidence. I know that people will buy my work because they already do! (thank you btw!)

That said, I don’t know what really, truly, ramping up full-time is going to look like when all is said and done. I have lots of options and lots of things I want to work on. So I’m doing it one step at a time and adding things on as I see fit. I use my divergent brain to pounce on new ideas that excite me (like this blog) and usually get a decent foundation laid before I lose enthusiasm. At that point, I am able to maintain and grow things slowly while I move on to the next big idea. I think that’s pretty much the status quo for creative types.

Failure is part of the process, and some of the “amazing” ideas I have won’t pan out. Conversely, a lot of them do, sometimes better than I ever imagined! The only way to figure any of it out is by taking action, and one of the ways I motivate myself is by sharing my ideas and work in progress. That includes my very imperfect, but very heartfelt, blog posts.

Thanks for being here! Sign up for the newsletter if you missed it when you started reading this post. 

xx Jan

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