Jan Hiltz: Artist

The “WHY

I'm making no promises that I'll finish answering the question in just one post. 

I'm often asked why I make the artwork I do. Phew. Heavy question.

Drawing faces, and whole humans, is challenging. I avoided it for years, simply because I didn't want to spend the time improving. I had other things to do. Eventually, I decided I needed to challenge myself, and have been drawing people almost exclusively since. Turns out I'm pretty good at it! 

In terms of my subject matter, the simplest answer is that I began to make artwork for myself when I couldn't quite find the pieces I was looking for elsewhere. That's not to say there aren't amazing erotic artists whose work I love. I do! But I had some mental images that I wanted to see come alive in a very particular way. 

To be blunt, I think sex is amazing! If I hated it, I don't think I'd be so keen to do the work I do. As for kink itself, it's the spice; you don't need it but it can be a nice change!  I like the aesthetics associated, along with the challenges of drawing items like rope, mesh, latex, and wax. 

I've read enough studies that show that I'm not alone in being visually stimulated by kinky things. It turns out that almost all of us are, to some extent! Sex is ostensibly free, helps people bond, and releases endorphins- all wonderful, stress-reducing, happiness-making results. At the same time, the world tries to tell us to be ashamed of the activity that perpetuates our existence! As a result, I've embraced my enjoyment of painting all things sexual. As an artist, I can't think of a better way to literally illustrate my point than by creating images of people enjoying the hell out of something wonderful that, for reasons that escape me, we are told to be ashamed of. 

Aesthetically, I love bold colours, iridescence and metallic paint. I LOVE multi-spectral artwork and enjoy adding blacklight and/or glow-in-the-dark pigments to my paintings. Seeing someone's reaction when they first see a piece of my artwork under black light is delightful! In contrast, I've startled myself on more than one occasion in my own home when I've turned out the lights and been confronted with the eerie glow of phosphorescent paint! Oops!

As predicted, I only scratched the surface of the question. Once I finished making the art I wanted for myself, I continued to make more. Why? That's something for another day!

xx Jan

Building the rocket on the way down

I should be doing anything other than writing this right now. The adult expo will be all but over two weeks from now, and I have a lot of prep work remaining. I have a webshop that is a mere shell, and 100+ originals and prints to list, (eventually.) There ARE print prices listed there, so at least that is one mystery out of the way!

There’s also my newsletter, various social media, the zine I’m making, and the art shows I’m applying for. I’m busy, but I’m enjoying all of it. It’s the kind of busy that makes you eager to work on the next project, and to continue the momentum.

In order to make it all happen, I’ve had to abandon the notion of making things perfect before they are released. At this point in my career, my artwork is fairly consistent in terms of style and scope, so I’m not bothered if anyone sees my work during its “ugly phase” (EVERY piece of artwork has an ugly phase! It’s part of the process.) I’ve learned that I quite like showing the process, and there is beauty to be found in imperfect action. It’s action, after all. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all that jazz.

Blogging is going to serve as an adjunct to my social media posts, and a place where I can expand on my work and its meaning.  Also, I don’t have to worry about algorithms and AI bots blocking or deleting my work!

If you found this, amazing, welcome. I have a busy October/November lined up, so to be truthful, I may not be blogging again for a while. Also, I get bored easily, so please comment if you got this far, and help compel me to return soon. :)

xx Jan

P.S. Sign up for the newsletter instead of blocking the pop-up next time (busted!) If you do, I’ll send you cool stuff, and won’t bombard you unnecessarily.  And it’s where any sales will be listed. :)

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