Jan Hiltz: Artist

(re)introducing myself

Hi friends! Lots of new followers so I thought I’d chime in with an introduction!

I’m Jan, AKA Mistress Jan Artist. I am a painter, photographer, pilot, and synesthete. This spring I changed careers from full-time flying to full-time artist. Despite the challenges, I’m loving it! 

I actualised a dream when I focused on making erotic art. I love the aesthetics of kink, but more so the deeper meanings and intentions. There is a solid mix of participant and voyeur throughout my most recent body of work. My erotic vignettes resonate with exactly the right crowd! Your encouragement has resulted in a dazzling output of new artwork during the last few years. 

My art is a bit of a paradox. I try to be accurate with proportions, so that there isn’t too much ambiguity about what you’re seeing. When it comes to the colour palette, that’s when things get exciting! My colour choices are formed predominantly by synesthesia rather than observation.

The results of my mixed-sensory experiences spill onto the canvas. You will find a wild variety of colours, textures and shapes. Traditional colour rules get shoved aside in favour of bold, unconventional choices. Instinctively. I create multi-spectral artwork. Most of my pieces change depending on viewing angle and lighting. It’s a way to make art that describes an experience that words will never achieve. 

If you love art and exploring new concepts, follow along and join me on my art journey! Thanks for being here! 🥰

xx Jan

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