"Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable." - Banksy

About Jan Hiltz

Jan Hiltz, AKA "Mistress Jan", is a multi-disciplinary erotic artist, focusing on sex-positive, kink-friendly artwork. A graduate of a 4 year fine arts degree program at NSCAD, Jan is based in Winnipeg, Canada.

Artist's Statement

My current projects tend to be full of bright colours and provocative imagery. I gravitate towards imagery that is visually complex, and towards scenarios that will be challenging to some viewers. Please note that my work is intended only for the eyes of adult viewers.

With that in mind, many viewers have reached out to me, privately, to share their enjoyment of my artwork but with the caveat that they cannot be openly associated with "liking" it. This response tells me that my work is successful. At the heart of my mission, I want people to look inward, and be true to themselves- even if that truth needs some level of anonymous protection to feel safe, while living in a conservative society.

In terms of the adult themed content... there is a lot- a LOT- of misunderstanding, and misinformation, about the "kinkier" aspects of sex. I encourage viewers to do their own research; pop culture has done more harm than good to the BDSM community

One should ALWAYS keep in mind the phrase "Safe Sane and Consensual" (or "Risk Aware Consensual Kink"), bearing in mind that as an uninformed observer, role play and BDSM scenes don't always appear  to follow these rules. In truth, consent is paramount. Check in often with your partner(s), and be good to one another!

To be continued... perhaps. :)

xx Jan

last updated September 2022

Winnipeg, MB


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